the contemporary art markets can be a daunting place, seemingly too complex and overly competitive     

  to  navigate in.    to quote the renowned (& collaborating) art historian Francesco S. :  "being a full-time 

  visual artist today, is one of the most difficult professions in the world".

 thus our mission is as challenging as it is a straight forward one: to identify and provide the        necessary professional guidance, method and insight needed to visual artists, towards making   an 

  adequate  living by selling their works.  

                                                                                                                                                               the ultra Q team


  like in any market - business, the first and most important step is to know your market.

  in the European contemporary art milieu, there are very clear and specific do's and don'ts regarding best 

  practice on the following:

  1.     solo & group exhibitions (set-up, promotion, driving the hype, collaborating with other artists, etc.)

  2.     creative studio work (creative process, materials' budgeting, time management styles etc.)

  3.     artist's website set-up & maintenance 

  4.     selling & public speaking (why does a work sell?, adjusting to the audience, etc.)

  5.     contacting galleries & portofolio management 

  6.     contacting collectors 

  7.     cooperating with art curators / historians

  8.     marketing & networking & social engineering

  9.     internet marketing (newsletters, mailing lists, portofolio hosting websites etc.)

  10.   social networks marketing

  11.   self- marketing

  12.   artwork pricing

  13.   artwork transportation

  14.   artwork copyrighting

  15.   artwork insurance

  16.   artwork commissions

  17.   art fairs

  18.   consignment contracts

  19.   art competitions

  20.   art residencies

  the ultra Q team can provide targeted guidance in any or several of the above and/or perform an overall 

  assessment of an artists' performance (on all of them) and then proceed to analytical recommendations

  (see more at: services/purchase)

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