keeping it clean, prompt, pay as you go, at artist-friendly pricing. solo sessions only

  A. itemized feedback

  A1. through email *

  - first 2 rounds of  -getting to know- emails (art practice questionnaire included) , for free.

  - every email after the these, 80 euros per email including V.A.T


A2. through Skype *

  - first -getting to know- skype call, for free (maximum duration 40')

  - every Skype call after that (maximum duration 60'), 120 euros per hour including V.A.T

  B. all inclusive *

  - 20 point assessment followed by analytical recommendations in .pdf format (includes 20 emails 

  maximum, and 6h skype time maximum) 900 euros including V.A.T

  *  all assorted communication material (forms, photos, diagrams, sketches, videos) are included in the 

  price , but limited to  personal use only - ultra Q copyrighted). communication in English only.

  absolute confidentiality kept in all communications.

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